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Mobile Livestock App


App for Grazing & Backgrounding 

StockMate - Mobile tablet based app for livestock management. Record data for individual animals and for whole mobs. System captures RFID, weight, treatments, history and all key animal data. Calculates average daily gain. Records all movements. Full paddock book functionality includes mapping and forage records. Integrates with StockaID. Synchs with cloud. Powerful export and reporting functions.

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Critical Performance and Cost Control

In a feedlot environment, cost control and scientific management of the herd is essential for success. Elynx legendary feedlot systems are tried and trusted.  Our solutions scale from small yard fully mobile feeding control solutions, through to very large yard feeding, stock control and individual management systems with integrated financial analysis.

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Enterprise Grade

High throughput and large scale operations have extra requirements for data security, software performace and systems integration with ERP and Accounting software. Elynx constantly modifies and extends its offerings t deliver the innovation that large scale operations demand.

When margins are tight and every dollar counts...
StockaID counts every dollar, every animal, every day!


  • Simplifies and improves animal andproperty management from anywhere
  • Integrated Mobile, PC & Web platforms
  • Record data and access reports on-the-go via mobile apps
  • Cuts out double handling of data and messy paperwork!

Paperless, integrated feed management.
If you're feeding cattle, BMS tablet will save you time and money...
every day you use it!


  • Score bunks and record feed on the move via the BMS Tablet
  • Access this data instantly in the office and feed shed
  • Rations are calculated automatically
  • Access dailly commodity usage and performance reports from the office or anywhere!

Our industry-leading FEEDBUNK and FY products just got better with the inclusion of a tablet-based mobile Feedcall App.


  • Make calls on the move and reduce data handling and relaying to a distant memory
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of your feeding system. BunkMate provides an online portal so you can see feeding history and important operational metrics online when you are away from the property
  • Call feed while you are in the yards and it hooks straight into our feedbunk application
  • It's a game changer for Feedbunk users and just one of several great new products we are rolling out now!