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About StockaID

StockaID is an individual animal identification and management software program created by Elynx Pty Ltd. It captures animal data from a range of sources including weigh scales, EID readers and manual input by feedlot staff. 

The unique aspect of this program is in allowing objective analysis of information, to assess individual animal history trends (i.e. birth to carcase). Remove the subjectivity from your decision making process by analysing animal production and management parameter variables as required to confirm or deny general observations. Customised reports can be created to meet your unique information requirements.

StockaID overview StockaID overview (1807 KB) ---------- An overview of the basic functions of StockaID Version 2.. Date Released: 18-Jul-2018


  • Electronic input minimises data entry error and time
  • Data import from the NLIS Database
  • Records and collates a range of production parameters
  • Allows data export to Elynx’s Feedlot 3000 program and a range of other software programs
  • Provides a customised report system to be utilised as a management tool


  • Compatible with electronic hardware devices including RFID reader, barcode reader, weigh scales and temperature readers
  • Allows connection of up to 10 electronic devices
  • Allows the utilisation of automatic drafting systems
  • Simple user interface
  • Field order can be changed by user
  • Defaults can be set by user
  • Lookups defined by user
  • Barcodes can be generated by user
  • Search and filter functionality

Convert Information into Knowledge

Domestic consumers as well as international markets demand the security of the Australian beef meat supply chain. The industry has evolved with implementation of live animal trace back scheme with information being derived from a variety of industry sources (breeder and commercial operations, feedlot and abattoir). Recording and transferring this ever-increasing volume of information has demanded development of new and more appropriate software programs.

Future individual animal identification software programs will be used as a strong management tool. They will provide linkage of animal life history (birth to carcass), will be production orientated and designed with the end user in mind.

StockaID will help you meet these challenges.