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Mobile Livestock App


App for Grazing & Backgrounding 

StockMate - Mobile tablet based app for livestock management. Record data for individual animals and for whole mobs. System captures RFID, weight, treatments, history and all key animal data. Calculates average daily gain. Records all movements. Full paddock book functionality includes mapping and forage records. Integrates with StockaID. Synchs with cloud. Powerful export and reporting functions.

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Critical Performance and Cost Control

In a feedlot environment, cost control and scientific management of the herd is essential for success. Elynx's legendary feedlot systems are tried and true.  Our solutions scale from small yard fully mobile feeding control solutions, through to very large yard feeding, stock control and individual management systems with integrated financial analysis.

Why do Australia's largest Feedlots use Elynx Software?

Enterprise Grade Solutions

Elynx solutions cater for high throughput, large scale operations which have extra requirements for data security, high-end performance and systems integration with ERP and Accounting software. Elynx is constantly modifying and extending its offerings to deliver the innovation that corporate producers demand.

FY3000 - Lot-based Feedlot Management System

For Large Scale Feeding Operations

FY3000 allows users to manage commodities, vendors, livestock, feeding operations and financials.
Performance orientated. Exceptionally powerful - Exceptional reporting!
A mission-critical tool for producers with 5000+ head on feed.

FY3000 Features

  • Records purchase, feed, production and disposal costs for every lot of cattle
  • Manages rations, customers, vendors, commodity
    contracts, pen maintenance and livestock movements
  • Interfaces with StockaID, FeedBunk3000 and Weighbridge3000
  • Manages customer billing and export to accounting systems
  • Companion to StockaID
  • FY3000 allows users to manage commodities, vendors, livestock, feeding operations and financials.
  • Generates powerful reports for key stakeholders
  • including ‘Close-Out’, ‘Cash Position’ and ‘Gross Margin’ Reports
  • Backed by a nation-wide technical support network

FY3000 Platform

  • Windows (Server, PC or Laptop)

STOCKAID - Premier Feedlot Software

When margins are tight and every dollar counts...
StockaID counts every dollar, every animal, every day!

  • Manage individual animals and livestock lots in intensive production environments
  • Record livestock movements, treatments and generate performance data. 
  • Simplifies animal management 
  • Integrates with EID readers and weigh scale indicators
  • Integrates with the acclaimed FY3000 Feedlot Program & NLIS database
  • Exceptional reporting power
  • PC and Server based
  • Cuts out double handling of data and messy paperwork!

BMS (Bunk Management System)

Record Feeding & Bunk Management Processes and Lot-Based Livestock Moves

BMS offers smaller feedlots a powerful, yet easy to use tool for the recording of feeding and bunk management processes, together with livestock moves at a lot level.

BMS Features

  • Enter bunk scores and record feed calls and actuals
  • Have pen feed history at your fingertips
  • Keep track of head numbers with mobile entry of livestock:
    ins, outs, deads, and pen movements
  • Save time with automatic ration calculation
  • Analyse pens, lots, commodity usage, ration usage and consumption

BMS Platform

  • Windows (PC or Laptop)