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StockaID and FY3000 Fundamentals Training (1 Day Course)

Start Date: 21-Apr-2020


(Short course 1 of 3)

'StockaID & FY3000 Fundamentals' is the first in a series of courses in the use of the eLynx software suite of products. The courses focus on FY3000 and StockaID and are pitched at basic, intermediate and advanced user levels. Feedlots are encouraged to book seats in the training early as places are limited.

Coverage includes:

  • Guided software 'walk-through' (StockaID & FY)
  • User access to programs  (StockaID & FY)
  • Configuration - Overview of sections (Including cattle lot numbering systems - Feedlot/backgrounded animals, menu structures, 2nd menu page functions etc.)
  • Recording of individual animal data - Basic Level (StockaID)
  • Commodity contracts & tickets
  • Feed cards, batch loads
  • Drugs & miscellaneous receivals
  • Charge Items
  • Auto Charges
  • Stock Advice (SAN's); NVD (StockaID)
  • Reporting - Basic level. (StockaID & FY)
  • Devices - Basic Overview (StockaID)

Course detail

Target Audience: New and existing users of eLynx feedlot management software; feedlot managers and workers.

Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face

Duration: One Day (9:00am to 5:00pm)

Materials: Students will use eLynx laptops and software and will be provided with all learning materials

Costs: $390 per person (Volume discount: $350 per head if three or more trainees enrol from the same feedlot/enterprise)

Minimum numbers apply; morning tea and lunch provided

Trainers: Now 2 Trainers per session.
eLynx technical consultants & trainers with years of hands-on feedlot experience, customer support & training.

Course Award:

Certificate of Attainment in StockaID & FY3000 Fundamentals


• Required