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About BMS

Bunk Management System

Bunk Management System created by Elynx Pty Ltd has been designed as a simple commodity management system, feedbunk management system and to manage animal movements on a lot or pen basis.

Features at a glance

Increase accuracy of commodity management

  • Stock on hand
  • Receivals
  • Allows recording of actual usage (mixer loading)
  • Assign shrink levels per commodity

Ration and nutrient levels

  • Ensures consistency between ration changes and implementation into feeding
    through production of daily delivery and loading sheets
  • Uses nutrient analysis (energy and dry matter) of rations to predict animal
    performance through feed intake

Mixer number

  • Allows use of single or multiple feed mixers of differing capacity specific to ration
  • Eliminates over and under loading of feed mixers

Cattle movements

  • Movements recorded and tracked on either a lot or pen basis
  • Records all cattle movements (arrival, pen moves, dispatch, hospital, dead)

Bunk management

  • Record allocation as well as actual quantities of feed delivered to each pen
  • Provide loading and delivery sheet for each mixer
  • Reduce error in calculating individual ingredient requirements for varying load size


  • Feed intake graphs (including environmental data)
  • Commodity receivals and usage summaries
  • Bunk sheets
  • Cattle movements
  • Lot consumption for close out purposes