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About FY3000 Suite of Programs

Total Feedlot integrated management software

Feedlot 3000

Feedlot 3000 is an integrated management system that imports data from the StockaID program and exports financial data to financial and accounting software programs.

FY3000 Overview FY3000 Overview (5663 KB) ---------- Date Released: 18-Jul-2018

FY3000 Overview Presentation FY3000 Overview Presentation (1483 KB) ---------- FY3000 - PowerPoint presentation. Focus on functions and reports. Date Released: 18-Jul-2018

Features available include:

  • Customer billing and accounts receivables.
  • Tracks inventory sales and usage, both dry and wet.
  • Complete commodity contract management.
  • Multiple methods of costing inventories.
  • User-defined discount calculations for commodity weighbridge tickets.
  • Pro-rates and tracks dressed weight sales.
  • Close-outs and check-weighs.
  • Numerous partnerships. Expansive filtering and searching capabilities.
  • Automatic allocation of costs for internal accounting.
  • Tracks both sales and cost values on all lots.
  • Automatic pro-rating of charges by pen, lot, feedlot, and pen type.
  • Cattle and feed interest calculations.
  • Built-in reconciliation cross-checks to ensure integrity of data.
  • Daily and billing summary tables of accumulated data.
  • Multi-site data tracking capability.
  • Print reports to screen, printer, or disk file.
  • Direct user export to spreadsheets.
  • On-screen help with standard and user-defined help files.
  • Export to financial management software programs.

WeighBridge 3000

The Weighbridge 3000 module, while designed as a 32-bit multi-user software product, also runs on 64-bit machines.

The WeighBridge 3000 module provides a link between electronic truck and cattle scales and the Feedlot 3000 program. This link allows importing of commodity load information directly into the commodity management module.

The major attributes are:

  • 'Trucker Friendly' operation for locations that need after hours operations of the weighbridge program.
  • Utilizes contract and pricing information from the Feedlot 3000 system without double entry.
  • Multiple load tracking between weighing in and weighing out. Allows trucks to get out of order before weighting out without mixing weights.
  • Can interface cattle arrival information with StockaID.
  • Can handle split truck weighs when weighing road trains and the weighbridge is not long enough to fit the entire truck on at once.

Feedbunk 3000 Management System

The FeedbBunk 3000 module, while designed as a 32-bit multi-user software product, also runs on 64-bit machines.

The FeedbBunk 3000 system allows customers to setup all of their rations, ration schedules, establish commodity types, call feed bunks, monitor consumption, download data to most feed truck scale systems and then import actual amounts fed back in the FeedbBunk 3000 system.